photo by chris h

photo by chris h

The idea behind The Open End is that the world is woven together in some loose yet significant manner. The site draws on contributions from disparate sources and media to create networks of original art. It follows that the primary requirement for material on The Open End is that each work must be connected to previously submitted material in some way. Connections can vary, from using a cameo from a previous submission, to continuing a storyline or creating new insights into a previous work via the same or a different medium. That’s it. The editors here will decide whether it is appropriate for the thread. If it is, it’ll go up, expanding upon the existing world. This site is open to all possibilities, hence its name.

TOE’s creators and their interpretation of the site:

it buds and branches in space, chewing on itself.

chris h.::

this site is here to get people to express themselves; it’s here to provide that germ of inspiration to start on, to assist people in what is the most difficult part of art, the beginning. In the process of this site’s growth, perhaps the participant’s skills in whatever media they use will improve. Maybe even a small network will be started, a network that mirrors the very idea that drives this site.

a wet Gremlin

Due to reader demand for TOE, please note that the mother of this site, the site you should visit if you’re here, is at this address:


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